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A Global Dialogue with Transculturality and Social Creativity Aims to Enhance Public Understanding of Global Affairs and Participating in Global Governance

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The Global China Dialogue Series (GCDS) is a high-end platform with the key concept 'transculturality' and social creativity to enhance public understanding of current global affairs and common interests via public dialogue and discussion between Chinese and non-Chinese academics, experts, professionals and practitioners and interested laypeople, from interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives. In addition to universities, research institutions and professional think tanks, the GCDS also works closely with Chinese and other governments, international organizations, media and publishing units to track global hot topics over the long term period. It provides a high-end platform for the global public interests of China and Chinese participation in building global society and comprehensive governance of global society. Topics of dialogue will range from China development, education, language and culture to government and politics, economics, migration, the family, climate change, the environment, public health, and human security, and global governance, etc. From 2016 the GCD will work within the framework of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and UNESCO’s mission of defencing peace and the conditions for building sustainable development world through creative intelligence.

The 4th Global China Dialogue:
The Belt and Road (B&R) --

Transcultural collaborations for shared goals

The GCD IV is the only high-end forum in the world to take China’s ‘The Belt and Road’ as a global initiative and to discuss China and Chinese participation in building global society and comprehensive governance of global society.

Date: Thur.-Saturday, 30 Nov-2 December, 2017



  • How the B&R connects different civilizations
  • How people-to-people bonding operates through transcultural practice
  • What are theoretical and legal bases of the B&R
  • How the media can help to promote the B&R as a Chinese contribution to the human community.    


  • Thursday 30th November, 14:00-17:00 Registration, Symposium of Globalization of Chinese for Social Sciences, University of Westminster
  • Friday 1st December, 08:30-17:00 The Dialogue, the British Academy
  • Friday 1st December, 18:00-20:00 Reception, the UK Parliament
  • Saturday 2nd December, 10:00-16:00 A workshop on Chinese for Social Sciences, King’s College London

Organizing Committee (in alphabetical order):


  • Professor Xiangqun Chang Professor Xiangqun Chang, Director of Global China Institute; Honorary Professor of UCL
  • Professor Kerry Brown Professor Kerry Brown, Director of Lau China Institute, King’s College London
  • Professor Hugo de Burgh Professor Hugo de Burgh, Director of the China Media Centre, University of Westminster
  • Professor WANG Wen, Executive Dean of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China.


  • Professor Martin Albrow FAcSS, Honorary Vice-President of the British Sociological Association (BSA), Emeritus Professor of the University of Wales, UK 
  • Dr Dongning Feng, Senior Lecturer, former Director of the Centre for Translation Studies, SOAS, University of London, UK
  • Emeritus Professor Stephan Feuchtwang, Department of Anthropology, LSE, UK
  • Mr Chris Henson, Membership Secretary, Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding, UK
  • Professor Martin Jacques, Senior Fellow at the Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge, UK; Visiting Professor at Tsinghua University, China
  • Professor LI Qiang, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University; former President of Chinese Sociological Association, China    
  • Professor Wei Li FAcSS, FRSA, Director, UCL Centre for Applied Linguistics, University College of London, UK
  • Professor LUO Jiaojiang, Dean of Institute of Social Development, Wuhan University, China; Deputy Director of  Global China Institute, UK  
  • Professor Tony McEneryFAcSS, FRSA, Interim Chief Executive and Director of Research, the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), UK 
  • Professor ZHANG Letian, Director of the Centre for Social and Cultural Anthropology, Director of Contemporary China Social Life Data and Research Centre (CCSLC), Fudan University, China; and Co-Director of Global China Institute, UK 

Registrations and fees: 

  • Free: to be a speaker to complete the form and submit abstract, click HERE 
  • ​Free, click HERE for registrations of one or more events below: 

1) 30/11, participating in GCSS
2) 1/12, helping with the GCD IV without evening Reception
3) 2/12, participating in CSS  

  • £180: 1/12 participating in GCD IV without evening Reception, click HERE to register and pay  
  • £280: 1/12 participating in GCD IV with evening Reception, click HERE to register and pay
  • £580: 29/11-3/12 5 days package including the above three day events plus tailor-made academic activities, download template HERE; click HERE to register and pay
  • £680: 26/11-3/12 8 days package including the above three day events plus tailor-made academic activities, download templateclick HERE; click HERE to register and pay
  • £780: 26/11-10/12 15 days package including the above three day events plus tailor-made academic activities, download template HERE; click HERE to register and pay

Please note that places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


  • 2 October for speakers 
  • 15 October for participants




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Global China Institute, on the one hand, is interested in activities with China in comparative perspective include self-organized activities and other related activities worldwide; on the other hand, it participates in activities of a different nature owing to its academic and social missions. Furthermore, as an academic society Global China Institute also pay attention to social sciences and humanities studies on China. The lists below can take you to related events which located in different parts of our various websites:

1. Our events (to be updated)

2. Events that we support

3. Related events

4. Events that we are interested in

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General speaking globalization of knowledge covers scientific, technological and cultural knowledge. We use ‘globalization of knowledge’ is in the same way as ‘globalization of sociology’, but much broader ranging from sociology or anthropology to many disciplines of social sciences and humanities, and from China and the Chinese perspective to engage general knowledge globally. Based on our previous work below on knowledge transfer, we extended it to transfer knowledge of Chinese social sciences and humanities into a global society, as a kind of 'global transfer of knowledge', a term borrowed from the project “The Globalization of Knowledge and its Consequences” (2007-), and title of related series of discussions in 2012, by Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. To be process Global China Unit's knowledge transfer or global transfer of knowledge consists of the following three parts:    



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全球中国对话是一项以“转文化” (transculturality)和社会创造为核心概念系列活动,旨在从跨学科的和比较的视野,通过华人和非华人学者、专家、专 业人士、从业者以及感兴趣的者们的公共对话和讨论,提高公众对当前全球事务和共同感兴趣的话题的理解。除了大专院校、研究部门和专业智库之外,全球中国对 话/论坛也将与中国和其他国家政府、国际组织、媒体和出版单位等密切合作,长期跟踪全球热点话题,为中国和华人参与全球社会的社会建设和全球社会的综合治理、推进全球公共利益等提供了一个高端平台。全球中国对话的主题范围从教育、语言文化到政府和政治、经济、移民、家庭、环境、气候变化、公共卫生以及人类安全,以及全球治理包括探讨文明对话的规则等等。从2016年起,全球中国对话将在联合国可持续发展目标的框架下, 以联合国教科文组织的创造性才智并在人的思想中建立起保卫和平的屏障和可持续发展的条件的前提下展开活动。






  • 一带一路如何连接不同的文明
  • 跨文化实践中的民心相通
  • 一带一路的理论和法律基础
  • 媒体如何把一带一路作为中国对人类共同体的贡献来传播    


  • 11月30日下午14:00-17:00 注册, 中国社会科学全球化学术研讨会,威斯敏斯特大学
  • 12月1日全天 8:30-17:00 对话活动, 英国学术院
  • 12月1日晚上 18:00-20:00 招待会, 英国议会大厦
  • 12月2日全天10:00-16:00 社科汉语工作坊, 伦敦国王学院



  • 常向群教授, 全球中国研究院院长; 伦敦大学学院荣誉教授                             
  • 凯瑞·布朗教授, 英国伦敦国王学院中国研究院院长 
  • 戴雨果教授, 英国威斯敏斯特大学中国传媒中心主任
  • 王文教授, 中国人民大学重阳金融研究院院长


  • 马丁·阿尔布劳教授,英国社科院院士,英国社会学学会名誉副主席
  • 冯东宁博士,英国伦敦大学亚非学院翻译中心前主任、高级讲师 
  • 王斯福教授,英国伦敦经济学院人类学系荣休教授 
  • 克里斯·汉森先生,英中了解协会会员秘书长
  • 马丁·雅克教授,英国剑桥大学国际政治系高级研究员;中国清华大学客座教授
  • 李强教授, 中国清华大学社会科学院院长; 中国社会学学会前会长   
  • 李嵬教授,英国社科院院士、皇家艺术院院士,伦敦大学学院应用语言学中心主任
  • 罗教讲教授, 中国武汉大学社会发展研究院院长; 英国全球中国研究院副院长  
  • 托尼·麦肯勒里教授,英国社科院院士、皇家艺术院院士,英国会经济社会研究委员会代理总裁兼研究主任
  • 张乐天教授,中国复旦大学社会文化人类学研究中心和当代中国社会生活资料中心主任; 英国全球中国研究院副院长 


  • 免费:发言者提交发言者信息与提要,点击这里填表
  • 免费:点击这里注册包括 (任选):

1) 11月30日 中国社会科学全球化学术研讨会
2) 12月1日 帮助并参与对话主会(不含晚宴)
3) 11月2日 社科汉语工作坊

  • £180: 12月1日 对话(不含晚宴),点击这里注册并缴费  
  • £280: 12月1日 对话(含晚宴),点击这里注册并缴费  
  • £580: 11月29日-12月3日 5天套餐包括参加三天的活动及其量身定制学术交流活动,详情下载模板,点击这里注册并缴费
  • £680: 11月26日-12月3日 8天套餐包括参加三天的活动及其量身定制学术交流活动,详情下载模板,点击这里注册并缴费
  • £780: 11月26日-12月10日 15天套餐包括参加三天的活动及其量身定制学术交流活动,详情下载模板,点击这里注册并缴费


  • 发言者 2017年9月30日
  • 参会者 2917年10月15日 





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      全球中国研究院一方面关心中国比较研究的内容包括自己组织的活动和全球范围内其他的与中国比较有关的活动;另方面它具有学术和社会双重使命,其参与的 活动也具有不同的性质。此外,作为以中国为比较参照系的研究机构,我们对中国社会科学和人文科学的研究和活动也有特别关注。在此,我们将分散在全球中国研究院几个网站的有关内容分别列举如下:

1. 我们的活动 (待更新)

2. 支持的活动

3. 相关的活动

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 知识全球化 >> 更多

一 般来说, 知识全球化的“知识”包括科学,技术和文化知识。“知识全球化”和“社会学全球化”两种表达大相径庭。但知识全球化涉及了更为广泛的范围,从社会学、人类 学到社会科学和人文科学的许多学科,从中国和华人的视野到参与全球知识的构建。 基于我们以前的“知识转化”工作,我们现在把它们加以拓展,把中国的社会 科学和人文科学的知识转化到全球社会来,成为一种“知识全球转化”,这个术语借自于德国马普科学史研究所2007年的一个项目“知识全球化及其后果”,以 及2012年相关主题的系列讨论。“全球中华智库”的知识转化或知识的全球转化包括以下三个部分:  

The websites and blogs are in use while they are being built 本网站和博客均在'边建设边使用' 中

The above title is adapted from the China's development style in order for you to share our resources in a timely fashion. There is still a huge amount of work to be done. Your understanding, participation and generous support are highly appreciated!

为了与您及时分享我们的资源, 我们采纳中国发展的'边建设边使用'的做法,尚有大量的工作待做, 真诚地感谢您的理解、参与和慷慨赞助!

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