Call for papers for the

2017 Global China Media in Comparative Perspective (GCMCP) 

The international conference of Global China Media in Comparative Perspective (GCMCP) will be held in Shanghai, China on November 19, 2017. This is a call for the papers of relative universities and institutions in China and abroad.

I. Conference’s introduction

In the new century, with the end of the Cold War and rapid development of a market economy, information industries, democratic politics, civic culture, new media and globalization, many important changes have occurred within Chinese and foreign media industries and its education and research at same time the exchange and comparison of related fields are becoming increasingly prevalent in other regions and countries. ‘Change’ ‘blend’, ‘compare’, ‘learn from’; these have all become commonly used buzzwords when discussing research on media and communication in new situations.

This international academic conference is co-hosted by Tongji University (China) and the Global China Institute (UK), and organized by Tongji University Liberal Arts Office and College of Art and Communication. Tongji University is one of the oldest national universities in China. After more than 100 years of development, Tongji University has become a comprehensive, research, international, leading and characteristic well-known institution. The Global China Institute is an affiliate member of The Academy of Social Sciences in the UK, which  aims to promote China's comparative research and all-round participation in global social construction and governance. It consists of the China in Comparative Perspective Network Global, Journal of China in Comparative Perspective (JCCP), and The Global China Dialogue annual forums, etc. 

The conference is the first event of the biannual forum of the ‘Global China Media in Comparative Perspective’ (GCMCP), and is also one of the academic activities held in celebration of Tongji University’s 110th Anniversary. It will be held in China’s largest and most cosmopolitan city, Shanghai, and will invite over 60 scholars of comparative research, school deans, journal editors and other experts on media and communications from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the United States and several other countries across Europe and the rest of the world to participate.

The conference will be held over a single day:  there will be a general meeting in the morning, where well-known scholars of media comparative research from China and abroad have been invited to deliver keynote speeches on related topics; Sub-forum activities in the afternoon, will be divided into 4 sub-forum and convene contributors and participants to discuss different issues.

The specific agenda and venue of the conference will be notified separately.

II. Conference’s topics

The conference’s topic is "Communication and comparison: New trends of media and its education and research in China and the world", which will mainly exchange and discuss comparative research issues such as changes and trends of Chinese and foreign media and its education and research in the context of new media and globalization. The scope of the discussion may include all kinds of media and communication, its education and research in various countries and regions of the world as well as Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan)

Suggested issues of the sub-forum are as follows:

1. Forum of Comparative Research on Media System

  • Comparing media systems, including their institutions and regulations, scales and effects, theories and practices, etc.
  • Comparing media backgrounds, including their political, economic, cultural, professional (professionalism) backgrounds, etc.
  • Comparing media evolution, including their history, changes, trends, etc.
  • Comparing media paradigms, including their comparative dimensions, mainstream models, ideal system, etc.

2. Forum of Comparative Research on International Media

  • Comparing international media, including their organizations, operations, performance, etc.
  • Comparing international communication, including their outputs and inputs, public opinion, image evaluation, etc.
  • Comparing international strategies, including their strategies, policies, regulations, etc.
  • Comparing international orders, including their agreements and rules, interests and concerns, claims and ideas, etc.

3. Forum of Comparative Research on Media Education

  • Comparing constructions of educational system
  • Comparing innovations of educational models
  • Comparing reforms of educational in universities
  • Comparing educations of new media literacy

4. Forum of Comparative Research on Media Academic

  • Comparing changes of academic backgrounds
  • Comparing changes of academic issues and methods
  • Comparing evolution of academic media and platforms
  • Comparing trends of academic development

III. Paper’s requests

1. Paper’s submission: Contributors are required to submit their papers to from July 15 to September 30, 2017. Please add the author's contact information included including email and telephone number at the end of papers. Once the paper has been selected, the author will receive an official invitation.

2. Paper’s format and length: The paper can be in Chinese or English, but the title, author, affiliation, summary, and keywords of Chinese papers shall be translated into English, and vice versa by the conference affairs group. Accepted formats are MS Word (Windows only) or MS Word (Mac only). Papers must be written according to APA standard (6th edition) and national standards of the publication on reference. The paper must be more than 10,000 words, including abstracts, charts and references.

3. Other notes: Contributor information may be published in related websites, materials and media. Approved papers may be included and published in the conference proceedings, but authors can still present and publish the paper in other periodicals.

IV. Contact details

Contact person: JIN Wanxia
Tongji University Jiading Campus, No. 4800 Cao'an Road, Jiading District, Shanghai 201804, China
Tel: +86-13162185993






       本次会议是“全球中国传媒比较研究”(Global China Media in Comparative Perspective,缩写GCMCP)双年论坛的首次会议,亦为同济大学110周年校庆学术活动之一。本会将在中国最大且最具国际化的都市上海举办,并邀请中国大陆、香港、台湾以及美欧等国60余位传媒比较研究学者和传媒与传播学院院长、学刊主编与会。






1. 传媒体制比较研究论坛

  • 传媒体系比较,包括其机构与规则、规模与效应、理传与实务等比较
  • 传媒背景比较,包括其政治、经济、文化、专业/专业主义等比较
  • 传媒演化比较,包括其历史、变革、趋向等比较
  • 传媒模式比较,包括其比较维度、主流模式、理想体制等研究

2. 国际传媒比较研究论坛

  • 国际传媒比较,包括其组织、运营、效能等比较
  • 国际传播比较,包括其输出输入、舆论影响、形象评价等比较
  • 国际策略比较,包括其战略、政策、法规等比较
  • 国际秩序比较,包括其协议与规则、利益与关切、主张与理念等比较

3. 传媒教育比较研究论坛

  • 教育体系构建比较
  • 教育模式创新比较
  • 高校教育改革比较
  • 传媒素养教育比较

4. 传媒学术比较研究论坛

  • 学术背景变化比较
  • 学术议题方法比较
  • 学术媒介演化比较
  • 学术发展趋向比较



2.论文格式及篇幅:论文中英文皆可,但中文论文须另附标题、摘要和关键词、作者姓名和单位英语译文。接受文本格式为MS Word(Windows 专用)或MS Word(Mac专用)。论文撰写按APA格式(第6版)及参考文献著录国家标准执行。论文篇幅不超过1万字,包括文摘、图表及参考文献。




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